4 Cool Barber Shops In Melbourne

Quality Barbers In Melbourne Giving You Timeless Style

Grooming is a billion dollar industry that’s not only for women. Men are a large market more businesses are looking to serve.

Barber shops are on popping up all over Melbourne to serve dashing men.

To give you a quick guide, we’ve decided to do a little round up of our favourites. If you’re a purist who likes to visit $10 barbers, then you’ll hate this list – but if you live near civilisation, you’ll be stoked. In no particular order, here’s some of the coolest barber shops Melbourne.

Barber Black Sheep

The barbers here are next level. The place itself is cosy and it feels like a mini community whenever you walk in. They offer you a cheeky beer/cider as you sit down. They really listen to what you want and explain everything to you. For any balding gents who has given up on their hair, they will take care of ensuring your needs are met. Barber Black Sheep beard trims are exceptional. 

Kings Domain Barber

A haven dedicated to male grooming, Kings Domain first launched in South Yarra’s Toorak Road back in 2013 by Joey Scandizzo and his former apprentice Aaron Chan. The idea for the space was inspired by Chan’s travels through South America where he encountered classic barbershops. Details such as French oak timber, marble barber stations, salvaged ‘50s solid brass light fittings make for a completely masculine space that has an old world charm. Services include a quick and easy clipper all the way up to more premium services or Royal Treatment, which includes a vintage shave and superior cut.

Uncle Rocco’s Barber Shop

Your Uncle Rocco isn’t really Uncle Rocco; he’s Fab Sfameni, a Melbourne barber born into the business. This second-generation hair-specialist has set up shop in Port Melbourne, right inside the headquarters of the Globe skate company.

Sframeni specialises in caring for the hirsute gentleman, particularly those with a serious beard. If you’re hairy, he’ll trim and shape, then send you home with fine oils for proper beard maintenance.

If you don’t want to look like Ned Kelly, Sfameni and his team can provide a haircut to get you neat and respectable again, and shave your stubble with the closest thing you’ll get to a straight razor these days.

Code Black Barber Shop

Perfect fit out in this barber shop. The atmosphere is on point and the barbers are talented! Definitely the place to go for your next hair cut and cut throat shave.

Code Black customer service has a very personable touch and alongside their whisky and coffee bar – this place is something else!




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  1. Best barber shop around, couldn’t recommend highly enough. Might just have to make more trips to Melbourne. The Melbourne Barber Shop is the perfect blend of professionalism and an easy-going attitude.

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