4 Habits Of Well Groomed Aussie Men

Dashing Aussie Men Do These Grooming Habits Every Day

There’s a good reason we bang on about routines and regimens (and sticking to them) when it comes to caring about your hair and skin: in the same way a car needs more than a once yearly wax and polish, skin and hair need constant maintenance if they’re to look top-notch.

What the well-groomed man needs, then, are some solid, results-driven grooming habits. Here, nine industry experts reveal the habits all well-groomed men have in common.

1. They Seek Out The Right Scents

“Men who smell great have usually set aside time to explore the field and discovered, through experimentation, what works best with their skin chemistry and personality,” says James Craven of independent perfumers Les Senteurs. Craven believes that if a man’s as thoughtful about his fragrance as he is about his clothes, then he can’t go far wrong.

“A great scent – like a great belt, a pair of shoes or a scarf – can compensate for all manner of inadequacies in the rest of your self-presentation,” he says. “So set aside time to explore what [fragrances are] out there and live with them on your skin for a while before deciding to buy.”

What To Use: A few classics worth sniffing out include Dior Eau Sauvage, Terre d’Hermès, Guerlain Vetiver, Acqua di Parma Colonia and Givenchy Gentleman.

2. They Factor In Sun Protection

It’s now known that the sun’s UV rays – even on dull winter days – are the skin’s worst enemy, leading to photoaging and DNA damage. Guys who want to look as good for as long as possible know this and remember to protect their skin from sun damage on a daily basis using sunscreen.

“Check that you are using both UVA and UVB sunscreens combined, if possible, with a collection of potent antioxidants,” advises Dr. Des Fernandes, co-author of Vitamin A Skin Science – a Scientific Guide to Healthy Skin. “The most important antioxidants include vitamin C, vitamin E and Coenzyme Q10.”

What To Use: Recipe For Men SPF15 Broad Spectrum Facial Moisturiser, Anthony Facial Moisturiser SPF30, Malin + Goetz SPF30 Face Moisturiser.

3. They Exfoliate Before Shaving

“If you want a better shave, get into the habit of using hot water and a face scrub before shaving,” says Daniel Davies, manager at Pall Mall Barbers in London.

“This prepares skin for the shave, lifts hairs and reduces the chance of razor burn and ingrown hairs.”

What To Use: Clinique For Men Face Scrub, Pall Mall Barbers Pre-Shave Scrub, Gillette Series Pre Shave Scrub.

4. They Down Pints

“Healthy skin is reliant on good hydration levels if it’s to function efficiently,” says Candice Gardner of The International Dermal Institute.

Not only does water promote skin elasticity, the enzymes which facilitate desquamation – the natural process in which skin sheds damaged dead cells – require water to work effectively. “That’s why dehydrated skin can look flaky and dull,” she says.

Gardener recommends getting into the habit of drinking two litres of water a day but suggests using a moisturiser containing humectants (ingredients that help bind water to the skin) as a safeguard too.

What To Use: Aesop Facial Barrier Cream, Dermalogica Active Moist, Anthony All Purpose Moisturiser.

Final Word

What grooming habits do you think are crucial if you always want to look your best? Do you incorporate any of these in your existing routine?

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