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Brown Bodies South Yarra owner Karla Lockett is passionate about beautiful, healthy tans. She loves how a new tan makes people feel, that little perk a person gets after a spray session, and the healthy glow they have afterwards. It was this passion that led her to set up Brown Bodies in 2006, as a healthy alternative to traditional tanning methods that prematurely age the skin and greatly increase the risk of cancer.

Since then Brown Bodies has grown and now looks after many happy clients. We now have staff offering perfect tans throughout Melbourne, in the privacy of our clients’ own homes. With our flexible and after hour’s appointments, our service is very convenient. Each staff member is equipped with a pop-up spray tan booth and specialised equipment to apply the tan without leaving any mess. All our staff ever leave behind is glowing skin and a happy client.

Brown Bodies uses three premium spray tan brands: Tuscan Tan, Vani-T, St Tropez and Eco Tan. All four provide a beautiful, natural-looking colour that will last up to 10 days with the right post-application care. These solutions are infused with aloe vera and green tea extract, which are wonderful nutrients for the skin. Our team is able to help with tips and products to help extend the life of your tan.

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  1. Super

    Brown Bodies is fantastic and my pick for the runway! A beautiful tan that is absolutely flawless! Karla is super friendly and professional! 10/10 product and service.

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