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Where to go in Melbourne when the dashing man needs a massage

Let’s be honest, the rat race and fast pace living in Melbourne can be too much at times. All that work stress, trying to find time to catch up with your family and friends, spend time with your partner, eat clean for lean muscle gains – all this can really take its toll on the body.

Understanding that, the dashing man needs to call time out and make time for you. Time to do what you want, be who you are are, and take you to another world… And if you don’t have the time to take a holiday then the second best thing you can do for yourself is at least take an an hour or two to re-energize.

Now that you’re ready to relax, let us show you some of Melbourne’s best massage places.

One For Men

What a good idea to have a place in central Melbourne where hard working men can get pampered all year round! One for Men offer many treatments which will have you relaxed and even falling asleep. Men who look after themselves have been keeping this spa a secret, but not for long.

One for Men will do an excellent job making you feel happy and relaxed. 


Milk and Honey Remedial Massage

By the time you come out of a one hour remedial massage with the staff at Milk and Honey Remedial Massage in West Melbourne you’ll think you can run through a brick wall!

Milk and Honey will make you feel completely comfortable and at ease even if you’re someone who finds it hard to relax. They are clear and open with their communication and quickly identifies problem areas to work on.

Massages are tailored to the problem areas specified with light scented oils. You’ll smell as though you’ve just walked through the meadows in Grindlewald.

Milk and Money is a wonderful place to feel like new.


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